1. Batteries


Are the batteries charged?

  • Pollux, Hydra, Hawksbill, and Mydas: 18650 lithium
  • Diamondback: 14500 lithium OR AA alkaline
  • Loggerhead: C alkaline
  • Castor: Internal battery

Solution: Try removing and reinserting, replacing, or fully charging the batteries.


2. Locked Out


Is the flashlight locked?

  • Smart Lock Features:
  • Castor and Hydra: These lights have smart lock features.
  • Indication: If locked, the flashlight will blink twice when clicked.
  • Solution: To unlock, simply double-click the power button again.


3. Tightening Switch / Barrel


Is everything screwed on and fastened tight?

Solution: Ensure there is a secure and complete connection between all parts by tightening the switch and barrel.


4. Battery Stopper


Has the battery stopper been removed?

Solution: Many products come with a built-in battery stopper that must be removed before the light will turn on. Open the flashlight and remove this piece.